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HGIFTPAY & HIKEIT $30 E-Gift Card Promotion

Promotion Period: 01-02-23 to 31-5-23
E-Gift cards can not be redeemed for cash.
Limit of one (1) $30 E-Gift Car from Giftpay Per order
To qualify for the $30 E-Gift Card, All Orders Must Be Placed At
Hikeit NZ and Gift Pay are unable to re-issue E-Gift Cards. Treat the E-Gift Card as cash as if email containing the
E-Gift Card and its details are Deleted, Lost of stolen, we will be unable to recover or re-issue.
Provided E-Gifts via email can only be redeemed at up to the value of $30NZD
Issue of the E-Gift Card is 2-5 Working Days from the date purchase order from Hikeit NZ and via its promotion page:

Expiry dates on the issue of E-Gift Cards will be 3 Years from the date the E-Gift Card is issued.
GiftPay eGifts have an expiry date. If the recipient of an eGift has not redeemed their eGift before the expiry date, the value of that eGift is forfeited to Unified Incentives Pty Ltd. Each GiftPay eGift will allow the recipient to redeem their eGift value for merchant-issued electronic gift cards, selecting from the available range. Each of the gift cards available is issued by the relevant merchant, and is subject to that merchant’s terms, conditions of redemption and expiry dates. If the recipient has not redeemed their merchant-issued gift card before the expiry date, the value of that gift card is forfeited to the merchant.

E-Gift Cards are issued automatically via email to the email address provided by the consumer at the time of purchase.
Hikeit NZ take no responsibility for incorrectly provided emails which will cause failure of delivering the E-Gift Card.

Hikeit Order Refund Under the 30 Money Back:
If in the event of a Hikeit order refund or request for a refund under the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, If the issued E-Gift Card has been activated by the receiver, the amount of the E-Gift Card $30NZD will be deducted from the refundable amount from the original purchase amount of the order transaction.
If in the event the receiver of the gift card has not activated the gift card, Hikeit NZ will attempt to cancel the E-Gift Card with before it authorised a complete full refund of the purchase.

Redirecting E-Gift Cards:
You can resend (redirect) an eGift to a different email address at no additional cost, but only if the original eGift has not yet been clicked or accessed. If the original eGift email has been delivered successfully, you can only redirect within 30 days of issuance. If the original eGift email has not been delivered successfully (bounced), you can redirect at any time. When you redirect an eGift the original eGift will be cancelled and a new eGift will be issued. You are not able to redirect an eGift Card to yourself or a different person in order to claim back or recoup the value of an eGift because the original recipient has not yet opened or redeemed their gift. eGifts are valid for up to 3 years and in many jurisdictions the rightful recipient’s entitlement to the eGift for the full validity period is protected by law.

Honouring Your Privacy
Authorised GiftPay staff have access to the email addresses of recipients and the details of eGifts and eGift deliveries, but only for the purposes of administering the GiftPay service and providing support to recipients.

We will never sell or and never share the details of your details with any third party. However In this instance we do have to provide Giftpay with information containing a “Name” and an “Email Address” for the sole purpose of the delivery of the E-Gift Card. 

We will process and store the details and email addresses of your eGift recipients in accordance with all relevant NZ legislation, including privacy and spam laws.

If a recipient requests support from GiftPay, we may email the recipient in response to their support enquiry. There may also be very rare circumstances where we need to email a recipient with critical information about an issue with their eGift.

By Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions prior to successful purchase on and at Hikeit NZ, the purchaser is provided with a link to the Term and Conditions page at on the checkout page and if select that the purchaser agrees, and the purchaser is subject to the term specified.