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Hikeit Plug Confirmation

Hikeit Throttle Controller Plug Fitment Guide

At Hikeit, we specialise in manufacturing throttle controllers to eliminate throttle lag along with other amazing features to give you that enjoyment of a positive driving experiance with your new or used vehcile.

Interested in investing in a Hikeit for your vehicle but not sure if you plug is the correct one? or just need a little reassurance with fitment before ordering? 

No worries, Check to see if you Make, Model & Year is available below. Once selected, it will load a photo what your OEM plug looks like along with the correct part number you need to order from our database for your vehicle.


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How do i find my plug?

The throttle assembly unit in most cases will be found at the top end of your accelerator pedal. Once you have located the the throttle assembly unit, you will see your assembly plug connected to the unit.

Before removing your plug, ensure your vehcile has been comlpletely turned off for at least 10 minutes for the vehicles ECU to completely go to sleep prior to unpluging the throttle assembly plug. Failure to do so will trigger a check engine light or will place the vehicle in limp mode as the vehicles ecu will think something is unplugged.

Simply unplug your throttle assembly plug to view the plug type. We recommend taking photos on your phone of the plug whilst it is unplugged for later reference.

This when you can use your phone to compare your vehicles throttle assembly plug to the picture displayed from our vehcile database to check that the plugs are a match. This way you can be reassured of fitment.

Hikeit Throttle assembly plug-in location guide