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Xtool IP819TP TPMS Diagnostic Tool
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XTOOL IP819TP TPMS OBD2 Diagnostic Tool



100% XTOOL Original Inplus IP819TP
7-inch Touch Screen
ECU Coding
Provide Lifetime Technical Support
24-hour Online Service
Bi-Directional Control
Auto Vin & Auto Scan
Read/Clear Codes
1 Year Warranty
3 Years Free Upgrade
No Subscription Fee


The 2023 newly launched XTOOL Inplus IP819TP is a 7-inch touch screen automotive diagnostic instrument. It integrates most of the special functions and TPMS functions in the market. IP819TP also has the functions of all system diagnosis and ECU coding. It is an ideal car maintenance equipment for home and garage mechanics.

What Makes XTool Inplus IP819TP Stands out?

– OE-Level All Systems Diagnose: IP819TP supports access to all available systems of the car for read code, clear clear, data stream, freeze frame, and read ECU information.

– 31+ Maintenance Function: IP819TP supports 31+ commonly used special functions to meet the needs of daily maintenance, diagnosis and reset. Such as: EPB Reset, BMS Reset, ABS Bleed, BMS Reset, TPMS Reset, Injector Coding, etc.

– Complete TPMS Function:
1. Activate 99% TPMS Sensor
2. Advanced TPMS diagnose
3. TPMS Relearn
4. Program XTOOL TS100 Sensor(In 4 Methods)
5. TPMS Retrofit
6. Check OEM Sensor Information

– ECU Coding & Guide Functions for VW: Inplus IP819TP support offline ECU coding for VW / for Audi / for Skoda. Powerful VAG guided function assists you how to proceed step by step in some more complex special functions or ECU programming.

– Active Test/Bidirectional Control: Detect vehicle failures by controlling vehicle components to perform active tests. For example: EVAP test, idle relearn, injector test, A/C Clutch Switch On/Off, Window/Mirror/Door Lock Test, etc.

– Key Programming: InPlus IP819TP can work with KC100, KC501,KS-1,M821, M822 to read Pin codes & add new keys (Fob) & remote learning & key matching & all key lost etc.

– Support CAN FD Protocols: InPlus IP819 can access CAN FD protocol vehicles for diagnosis. (for GM vehicles after 2020)

– Auto VIN & Auto Scan: Automatically detect VIN helps you quickly access vehicle systems for diagnostics.

– 8 IN 1 Live Data Graph: Allows to select 8 data streams for comparative analysis at the same time, making the analysis more time-saving and accurate.

– BT & Cable Connection
– 3 Years Free Update
– 90% Vehicle Models Coverage

– Diagnostic Report Print & Share: IP819TP supports print diagnostic report by connecting the printer via Bt. You could also share the report by email.

– Enhanced Hardware: Android 10 Operation System, 7.0-inch touch screen with 1024×600 resolution, 5000mAh Battery, 2+32G Memory

Xtool IP819TP All System Diagnostic Tool
Xtool IP819TP Comprehensive TPMS

In-Depth Inspection for All System

The Inplus IP819TP full system diagnostic scanner communicates with all available electronic control systems of the vehicle under test for comprehensive vehicle diagnostics. It allows you to retrieve vehicle faults and codes as well as real-time data from various vehicle control systems.

ECU information can also be retrieved, including unit model, version number, other specifications, etc.

Auto VIN & Auto Scan

Inplus IP819TP car scanner with auto VIN scan function, which automatically recognizes the vehicle and scans all available ECU and runs diagnostics on the selected system. This feature is compatible with most vehicles.

Please manually enter the vehicle VIN for vehicles that do not support automatic VIN scanning.

31+ Commonly-used Service Functions

> Oil Reset:
Reset the Engine Oil Life System, which calculates the optimum oil life change interval based on the vehicle’s driving conditions and climate. The oil life reminder must be reset each time the oil is changed so that the system can calculate when the next oil change is required

> EPB: Reset the electronic parking brake system and brake pads, which also supports the brake pad replacement (retraction, release of the brake pump), G-sensor and body angle calibration.

> Throttle Relearn: Enables you to make initial settings to throttle actuators and returns the “learned” values stored on ECU to the default state. It can accurately control the actions of regulating throttle (or idle engine) to adjust the amount of air intake.

> ABS Bleeding: After the gear learning is successful, the MIL will be closed. This function can complete the self-learning of the gearbox and improve the quality of shifting.

> BMS Reset: The Battery Management System (BMS) allows the scan tool to evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the close-circuit current, register the battery replacement, and activate the rest state of the vehicle.

> Headlight: Refers to the adaptive front lighting system (when using bi-xenon headlights at night), it can be rotated to both sides, pressing the button means that they stay in direct light, and will not turn when you turn the steering wheel

> Air Suspension: The air suspension system reset function enables the computer ECU to match the current air suspension system information, thereby ensuring the normal damping effect of the vehicle when driving.

> Gear Learning: After the gear learning is successful, the MIL will be closed. This function can complete the self-learning of the gearbox and improve the quality of shifting.

> Cylinder: This function is suitable for power balance after replacing and repairing the cylinder.

> EGR: After the EGR valve is damaged, the engine fault light will be turned on. After the EGR valve is replaced, the EGR valve needs to be matched and learned with a diagnostic instrument to ensure the normal operation of the exhaust gas recirculation system.

> VGT: Use the VGT Relearn function of IP819TP to reset and learn the turbo system after replacing the turbocharger or the solenoid valve sensor in the turbo system.

> A/C Relearn: It is used to reset and self-learn the operation data of the compressor, reset and self-learn the position of the servo motor, and use it to detect and verify the faulty part of the air-conditioning system.

> HV Battery: When a new energy vehicle fails to be repaired, it is necessary to ensure that the high-voltage battery has no power output. This function can disconnect the power output of the high-voltage battery to the vehicle, so that the maintenance worker can safely perform maintenance and inspection on the vehicle.

Also including: IMMO/Key Programmer, EEPROM Adapter, Injector Coding, SAS, Gearbox Match, SRS, DPF Regeneration, TPMS Reset, Windows Initialization, Seat Match, Electronic Pump Activation, Disable Transport Mode, ECU configuration, Stop/Start Reset, Language Change, A/F Reset, Airbag Reset, Tire Upgrade, EPS, etc.

Warm Tips: The models supported by each function are different, please confirm the compatibility with us before purchasing.

Xtool IP819TP Advanced TPMS Report
Xtool IP819TP 4Way Programming

Comprehensive TPMS Functions
IP819TP is equipped with professional and complete TPMS functions to meet the needs of professional tire shops. IP819TP can perfectly perform various TPMS functions, such as: sensor activation; view sensor data, TPMS diagnosis, TPMS relearn, XTOOL TS100 sensor programming, TPMS Module Retrofit. It helps solve 99% of TPMS problems on the market.

Check Sensor: TPMS Check functions allows to activate the TPMS sensor for checking sensor data, as sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery condition, and sensor position.

TPMS Diagnose: TPMS diagnostic function can be used to check TPMS module status: read/clear fault codes, read real-time data to check module status, and turn off lights after maintenance.

TPMS Relearn: Using the TPMS relearn feature helps you relearn newly programmed TPMS sensors to your vehicle’s ECU to ensure that the information stored in the ECU matches perfectly with the equipped TPMS sensor ID and location. For the time being, only Automatic Relearn is supported, and Stationary Relearn and OBD Relearn will be added in future updates.

Activate TPMS Sensor: Inplus IP819TP supports wireless activation of 99% of OEM or universal 315MHz and 433MHz TPMS sensors on the market.

TPMS Retrofitting: Retrofitting vehicles that without factory-fitted TPMS modules or sensors. Install the TPMS module into the vehicle dashboard to ensure safe driving. (Only applicable to low-end models)

Program XTOOL TS100 Sensor: This TPMS programming feature can be used to wirelessly program XTOOL TS100 sensors (315/433 MHz) to quickly and easily replace damaged TPMS sensors. Note: Can only be used to program XTOOL TS100 sensors.

Check OEM Sensor Info: Help you quickly check OEM Sensor information as: OEM Sensor Manufacture, Sensor Frequency, OEM Sensor P/N, Number of OEM Sensor.

Superior TPMS Programming

The IP819TP TPMS programming tool supports programming sensor data into the TS100 and replacing faulty sensors with low battery life or not functioning properly.

The TS100 sensor can be used to replace 99% of OEM sensors, which is convenient for you to save a lot of money by not having to buy various brands and models of OEM sensors.

 There are 4 programming methods for you to choose:
– Copy By Activation
– Copy By OBD
– Copy By Input
– Auto Create

About TS100 Sensor (NOT INCLUDED)
* Dual Frequency: 433MHz & 315MHz
* Cover 99% Vehicles
* Wireless Programming
* 100% Clone-able

Advanced TPMS Retrofit:
This IP819TP tire pressure programming tool has the function of TPMS retrofit. This feature helps you retrofit a TPMS module to a vehicle that didn’t have it before.

This function helps car owners to better monitor tire pressure and ensure driving safety.

Mainly through the following steps to retrofit:
1. Program the TPMS Modules
2. Program the Sensors
3. Match the Sensor with On-Board Systems

Xtool IP819TP Features
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Xtool IP819TP Advanced Hardware
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